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Design Outlaws - Table of Contents
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Chapter One: Into the Fuller Universe
Thomas Hughes:
Harold Cohen:
Brendan O'Reagan:
Ted Nelson:
Douglas Adams:
John Todd:
J. Baldwin:
Ian McHarg:
Paul MacCready:
The Frontier Spirit of Invention
Design as a Way of Making the World Work
Outlaw Creativity
I want to start a Renaissance
The Mad Ones; The Original Ones
The Innovator's Sense of Urgency
Encounters with the Mentor
Fuller's Contribution
The Inventive Process
Chapter Two: From a Machine for Living to Living Machines

Ian McHarg:
James Wines:
Edmund Bacon:
Stewart Brand:
J. Baldwin:
Tony Gwilliam:
Mary Catherine Bateson:
William McDonough:

Why is Architecture Oblivios to the Environment
Towards a New Architecture
Nature as Design Paradigm
Sitting at the Counterculture
Into the Design Revolution
Organic Building
Understanding Natural Systems
Not a Machine for Living in - A Living Machine!
Chapter Three: The Intelligent Use of Energy
Amory Lovins:
Hunter Lovins:
Peter Calthorpe:
Hazel Henderson:
J. Baldwin:
Harold Cohen:
William McDonough:
The Road Least Taken
The Rocky Mountain Institute
Whole-Systems Design
Redefining Wealth
On Tools
Money is Honey
Designing for Interdependance
Chapter Four: The Galactic Explorer Perspective
Paul MacCready:
Brendan O'Reagan:
Pliny Fisk:
John Allen:
Harold Cohen:
Duane Elgin:
John Todd:
William McDonough:
James Wines:
The Galactic Explorer Comes to Visit
Thinking in Interplanetary Terms
Systems in Continuos Evolution
The Cosmic Drama
Making the World Work for All Humanity
The Universal Liturgy
The New Alchemists
Reviving the Ancient Art of Design
Developing a New Iconography
Chapter Five: The Emergence of an Ecological Design Art

Ian McHarg:
Brendan O'Reagan:
William McDonough:
Carol Franklin & Lesley Sauer:
Tony Gwilliam:
Gail Vittori & Pliny Fisk:
Mary Catherine Bateson:

On the Origins of Ecological Design
Heading for an Aesthetic of the Invisible
The Multiplier Effect in Design
Synergistic Solutions
Comprehensive Anticipatory Design
Design for Living Structures
Obstacles to Sustainable Design
Making the Earth Our Home

Chapter Six: The New Collective Dream
Paolo Soleri:
Tony Gwilliam:
Amory Lovins:
Leslie Sauer & Carol Franklin:
Christopher Alexander:
Mike Corbett:
Virginia Thigpen:
Jaime Lerner:
Transforming the Urban Condition
Integrated Architecture
Retrofitting Our Cities
The Greening of the City
The Living Structure Approach to Design
Why CanŐt We Build Better Communities?
Community - Conceived Designs
The Collective Dream
Chapter Seven: Writing the New Codes
Peter Calthorpe:
Douglas Adams:
Duane Elgin:
Paul MacCready:
James Wines:
Ian McHarg:
Mike Corbett:
Hazel Henderson:
William McDonough:
Tom Casey:
J. Baldwin:
Mary Catherine Bateson:
The History of the Codes
The Infinite Virtual Address
Mutually Assured Development
Education as an Odyssey of the Mind
Design Education
Teaching the Ecological World View
Reinventing Design Education
The Importance of Self-Education
A Shift from Style to Substance
The Transformation of Business
Future Housing
A Future that Looks Like Home
Afterword: Toward a Design Curriculum for the 21st Century
J. Baldwin:
David Sellers:
John Connell:
Anthony Walmsley:
Jean-Paul Poliniere &
Catherine Simon:
R. Buckminster Fuller
Teaching Comprehensive Design Science
Antiques of the Future
Towards a Design Curriculum
Ecological Design: Myth or Method
Cognitive Science in service of Eco-Design


Ecological Design: Inventing the Future: 64 minute video. ©1995


Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier: 400 pages, 8" x 10", with 15 illustrations & 225 photographs. Published by Knossus Publishers. ©2000

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